Nuvvon Cited as Top Ten Competitor in Global Solid State Battery Market

November 28, 2023

Nuvvon has been featured as a top ten competitor in the Solid State Battery Market Report 2023, a prestigious industry report published by The Business Research Company.


The Solid State Battery Global Market Report 2023 published by The Business Research Company cites US based nanotechnology research company Nuvvon as a top ten competitor in the sector. The report also highlights Nuvvon as a market innovator in developing next-generation energy storage solutions, including solid-state batteries, that offer safer, higher energy density, and lower cost alternatives to conventional lithium-ion batteries.

The company’s creation of a novel solid polymer electrolyte enables solid-state pouch cells to operate across a wide temperature range without external cooling or heating systems. The next-generation technology dispels the myth that solid polymer electrolytes have poor ionic conductivity at room temperature.

Completely dry and not requiring the addition of ceramic materials, Nuvvon’s solid polymer electrolytes withstand temperatures of 212°F (100°C) without mechanical degradation and possess high ionic conductivity across a wide temperature range (2.2*10-4 S/cm at 32°F (0°C), 4.6*10-3 S/cm at 77°F (25°C), 6.6*10-3 S/cm at 176°F (80°C)). They are ionically conductive at room temperature and atmospheric pressure without liquids or gels and are compatible with lithium metal anode and high voltage cathodes. 

Applications of Nuvvon Polymer Technology

Nuvvon’s unique polymer technology is designed for solid-state batteries used within high-power density and demanding applications such as consumer electronics, electric vehicles, electric vertical take-off and landing aircrafts, mining equipment, railroad, marine, heavy-duty trucks, power tools and fast DC chargers.

The nanotechnology research company is currently partnering with Rutgers EcoComplex-Clean Energy Innovative Center and its WindIgnite Offshore Wind Supply Chain Accelerator Program in developing a sustainable Offshore Wind supply chain. More specifically, Nuvvon offers the technology to store energy generated from wind for use during periods of peak demand and when generation levels are low.

The Solid State Battery Global Market Report 2023 discloses that the solid-state battery market will grow more than 48% through 2023-2027, fueled by government support, global population growth, urbanization, growing demand for electric vehicles and R&D activities such as those conducted by Nuvvon.

To learn more about Nuvvon’s unique solid polymer electrolyte technology and how it advances the solid-state battery market, visit Technology – Nuvvon.

About Nuvvon Inc.
Nuvvon, a solid-state battery materials company, is based out of the Rutgers EcoComplex in Bordentown, New Jersey. Since 2017, the company has driven nanotech research to develop a series of novel polymers that can be used in the manufacture of next-generation solid-state batteries. Nuvvon – next-generation energy storage

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